Laldarwaza Bonalu 2012

On July 15, most of Hyderabad celebrated the Bonalu. A more historic venue of the celebration is at Lal Darwaza in the old city. More than 100 years ago, the Nizam’s Prime Minister Maharaja Kishen Perhsad prayed at this temple to provide relief the floods. Floods effected the whole of Hyderabad. and the flood waters… Continue reading Laldarwaza Bonalu 2012

White elephants?

The main facade of the Rai Rayan Devdi in some sense was preserved and had a fresh coat of paint that might suggest it wasnt subjected to neglect. But the interiors are all revamped and different portions have been sold/leased out. Couldn’t help but wonder about the ‘white elephants’ though – has maintaining the history… Continue reading White elephants?