Crocodile and the monkey

A quick change in attire, a brownish green vest with a tail and the crocodiles enter the scene, feasting on the mangoes the friendly monkey provides them. When the crocdile’s wife wants more …which is the monkey’s heart. Read on to know what finally became of the monkey. All the images on this blog are… Continue reading Crocodile and the monkey

Cranes and the Talkative Tortoise

The story of the cranes and a talkative tortoise started off with very graceful movements depicting the cranes and their flight, as shown in the image. While the talkative tortoise couldnt keep his mouth shut while he was hanging on to the stick(with his mouth) which was held by two cranes and brought his own… Continue reading Cranes and the Talkative Tortoise

Monkey and the Wedge

The story is available here A merchant once started building a temple in the middle of his garden. Many masons and carpenters were working for the merchant. They took time off every day to go to the town for their lunch. One day, when the workers left for lunch a batch of monkeys landed at… Continue reading Monkey and the Wedge

The Lion and the Rabbit

The Panchatantra is filled with many tales with animals as the main characters. Hence the setting is an enchanting emerald forest. The most popular tale is that of proud lion and a clever rabbit. The story can be read here In the image, the rabbit camp which was happy till a few minutes back, suddenly… Continue reading The Lion and the Rabbit

Dancing Tales

After a very long time I had attended a dance performance. The last one I had seen was “For Pina” which was totally contemporary and for which you had to create your own story from the visuals. While the music presentation as well as attire was very modern, the dance itself was an amalgamation of… Continue reading Dancing Tales