Monsieur Raymond’s tomb

6. Raymonds Tomb

On the top of a hillock near Asmangadh, stands the tomb of Monsieur Raymond, or General Michel Joachim Marie Raymond.  Monsieur Raymond was a French General in Nizam’s military and was also the founder of Gunfoundry Hyderabad.

In 1775, Raymond set out for Pondicherry to start a merchant shop, but eventually joined the service of the ruling Nizam of Hyderabad in 1786. In 1796, he was appointed Controller of Ordinance and established several cannon and cannonball factories. Guns, ammunition and cannons were forged under his guidance.

Raymond was not only a close friend of the second Nizam, but also won the love and trust of the local people. He was known for his kindness, and bravery. The place where his tomb is constructed is called Moosa-ram-bagh, after him.

The tomb is conical with a square base and of 7 metres in height and has the letters JR engraved on it. The Nizam built the pavilion which collapsed during 2001 and was rebuilt in 2003.

In 1798, Raymond had an untimely and mysterious death. The cause is not known ; some believe he was poisoned while others suspect he may have committed suicide.

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