Till next year….

….may your spirits keep soaring. A fragile piece of paper, a pair of bamboo sticks and a long string, put together – can be a great unifier across religions, regions, age, caste and perhaps gender. Kites are flown with great fervor not minding the antennae, communication towers, washing lines, unfinished terraces[without parapet walls]. It is… Continue reading Till next year….

Making the Manjha

From the Manjha Series: This is a close up from the same scene. The man was making sure he had the thread count right before he went about applying the mixture. [Text below from http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/mp/2003/10/27/stories/2003102700040100.htm%5D conventional Manjha is an abrasive material that usually comprises of fine glass powder ground into a paste with idli, cooked… Continue reading Making the Manjha