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Pruning the flower market


An evening scene at the traditional Jambagh flower market, which was initially a part of the Moazzam Jahi Market, but shifted to the adjoining road. By default market places in India come with a lot of colours, vibrance textures, patterns and many a time chaos too. The empty baskets in the image perhaps indicate she had good business on the day. The mounds and swirls of flowers are sure to delight many a pedestrians and commuter around the corner

In the recent years the flower market has faced a double whammy – first due to the road widening activity in 2009, which forced many vendors to relocate to more commercial markets. Currently, the Jambagh flower market is undergoing yet another drastic change with the construction of the Hyderabad Metro pushing the vendors further into the narrow bylanes. One cannot help but wonder if the efforts in modernization cannot be achieved without causing far reaching consequences to existing heritage components(traditional bazaar in this case) of the city.

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