Pruning the flower market

An evening scene at the traditional Jambagh flower market, which was initially¬†a part of the Moazzam Jahi Market, but shifted to the adjoining road. By default market places in India come with a lot of colours, vibrance textures, patterns and many a time chaos too. The empty baskets in the image perhaps indicate she had… Continue reading Pruning the flower market

Sasta hai!!

Bargains are always a good draw in the country esp if you are getting articles at a fraction of the market price! Ask anyone visiting why they go there and more often you would get “sasta hai”(its cheap) as the response. All the images on this blog are protected by copyright. Please do not copy,… Continue reading Sasta hai!!

Time and Money!

  A visit to the Jummeraat Bazaar introduced me to a whole new world. And while the discovery itself was interesting with items on all shapes and sizes being put on for sale, either in part or as a whole, and¬† with varying conditions it was unimaginable that many buyers did pick them up. This… Continue reading Time and Money!