Back to life

A month ago, I had an opportunity to visit the Qutb Shahi tombs site and had a (brief) look at the restoration activities and to say that it is a mega project would be an understatement. The entire restoration project is¬†divided into three phases and each phase is planned such that the visitors can move… Continue reading Back to life

Reflections, silhouettes and arches


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Charkaman – Introduction

The text below is an excerpt from an article published in the Hindu titled Glory of the Gates –¬† The following posts will talk about the four arches that stand in front of the Charminar. When the fifth Qutb Shahi poet-king, Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah conceived the plan for the new city of Bhagyanagar –… Continue reading Charkaman – Introduction


The residents and caretakers of a heritage monument usually make the visit memorable. The herd here seem to have made this monument their home. This fella seemed to be very curious with a camera and followed me till he was sure I wasn’t doing anything strange! All the images on this blog are protected by… Continue reading Curiosity