A small rally!

A week ago we had elections in the city. A lot of new players, new strategies. The person in the flag is a megastar(Chiranjeevi) and has created his party(Prajarajyam, meaning democracy) only recently. Remains to be seen if he wins peoples hearts in a new arena. Will the famed movie-politics nexus be a surefire formula… Continue reading A small rally!

An artist and his pet performer.

Sohan Lal is my favourite performer at Shilparamam. He has so much of  infectious energy and enthusiasm. He is one of those rare people who has no teeth and still wears a heartwarming smile.  He makes the puppets dance to his wife’s dholak beats. He was telling me he had the whole range of puppets… Continue reading An artist and his pet performer.

Calm amid the flurry

We are all in a constant hurry to get somewhere, to get something done. Not in Hyderabad tho… the city is known for its laidback and unflappable ‘aaraaam se‘ attitude. All the images on this blog are protected by copyright. Please do not copy, blog or repost in ANY way. If you wish to use… Continue reading Calm amid the flurry