Devdi Asman Jah

The gate portion of the Asman Jah Devdi is all that remains of this devdi. Like many Hyderabadi, Sir Asman Jah is said to be a great food lover and would request his Darogha Pakwan (shahi bawarchi) to prepare unique dishes like baara singha (Antelope) cheeks curries, kababs and at least 18 different types of… Continue reading Devdi Asman Jah


Not just any other door/window. It is possibly how/why King Kothi got its name. A nobleman by the name Kamal Khan constructed the palace as his personal residence. And had engraved the initials K K on the doors, windows, and other furniture. The Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali Khan was impressed with the mansion, acquired… Continue reading K K