Hyderabad is the where I started my stint with photography. The place has had a great deal to offer and this is an attempt to share the visuals from the streets of Hyderabad that I have captured over the years.

All the images on this blog are protected by copyright. Please do not copy, blog or repost in ANY way. If you wish to use them please get in touch with me through email.

email: lakshmi.prabhala@yahoo.co.in


The picture above was taken by a friend, whom I’ve met only recently. Thank you!!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey babe

    Its good to see this stuff. Its really lovely. That pic of you and the Charminar are so appropriate for the work you are showcasing here. Will come soon to Hyderabad and we can continue our photo walks.


  2. నమస్తే,

    రోడ్డు మధ్యలో నుంచున్నారు
    చార్మినార్ ను బంధించారు
    మా మదిలో నింపారు
    భద్రంగా వుండండి
    మరిన్ని జ్ఞాపికలు అందించండి

    you can find my work at

    ధన్యవాదములు ,

  3. Nice photo blog about the Hyderabad i have never seen before… great photos with amazing colors… even your profile photo on this page also wondefull … which gear you are using ??… . keep it up… wishses from Abu Dhabi.

  4. Oh lovely to find another Hyderabadi, though I am no photographer. But folks like you and Madhu Gopalan are really inspiring me to take it up as a hobby! Your pictures are so gorgeous and remind me of the beauty of the city we live in….which sometimes I forget in the craze of the wretched traffic and heat!

  5. Hello, thank you very much for taking me back home. I’m far away from this beautiful city, and just one glance though your gallery and i was back in those streets. It’s some great work done, absolutely well captured.Definitely i have a lot to learn from you. Good Luck and happiness !
    ———–forever hyderabadi

    1. Hey Padma, thank you so much for your lovely response. Indeed Hyderabad is a beautiful city and once you have been here, you always want to come back for more! I am glad these images have transported you back to the street if the city! Good luck in all your endeavors!

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