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A Parakeet in the ‘Flames of the Forest’

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On many a road trip in the season of Spring, I had spotted the beautiful and vibrant flowered “Flame of the Forest ” or the Palash tree. It was a wonderful surprise to spot this tree during a walk around KBR park recently. And even greater surprise to see the tree flowering even near mid-March.

Under the Palash tree was a beautiful carpet of orange flowers slowly withering away, only to bloom during Spring the following year. On top of the tree however, were many birds and insects relishing copious amounts of nectar. Perhaps, they must have been pleasantly surprised to find a Palash tree in an urban space. The birds that I saw and immediately recognized were the rose ringed parakeet, a plum headed parakeet and a host of sunbirds.

For the parakeets however, the tree seemed like an interesting setting, with its body coloured like the leaves, while the beak in similar colour and shape of the flower, making it easier for the bird to consume the nectar.

The watchman observes that the tree is rife with bird-activity during the cool early hours of morning and the later noon.

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