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Ramzan nights (around Charminar)

To describe the Ramzan experience around Charminar as a sensory overload would be an understatement. There is so much to see, feel, hear, smell , eat or even buy and take delight in. The experience might even leave you wiser in consumer behaviour too and render you incapable of bargaining because you are after all a “king” !

All you need to make Sheer-Korma (apart from milk and sugar)
The gentlemen around the shop assured everyone passing by that they would find the most fashionable designs here
The only time I might be seen amidst so much bling!
Daawat-e-Iftaar – when the fast is broken and the entire community eats together


Makkah masjid 1
Iftar at the Makkah Masjid
If you started out in the hope of a good bargain – he will certainly not entertain you!
Still trying to figure out what pendel would mean.
And the shopping and feasting continue into the night

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