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Its always interesting to see rumali roties being made. Always wondered how these road side chefs manage to toss it in the air after rolling and make it look so easy. I don’t want to imagine what my kitchen would look like if I ever attempted making them. 🙂

[text from wiki]
Rumali Roti is a thin bread from the northern part of India and Pakistan and a traditional element in Mughlai cuisine. The word rumal means handkerchief in Urdu and Hindi, and the name rumali roti means handkerchief bread. The bread is extremely thin and supple, and the fact that it is usually served folded like a handkerchief are the probable sources of the name. During the Mughal period, the roti was used like a cloth to wipe off the excess oil off the hands after the completion of an oil-rich food laden with meat and fat. The rumali roti also occupied a unique place in the emblem of the royalty of Oudh under the control of Mughals.
The bread is usually made with a combination of whole and white wheat flours (atta and maida respectively) and best cooked on top of an inverted Indian griddle (kadhai).

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