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The text below is an excerpt from an article published in the Hindu titled Glory of the Gates –

The western arch was the grandest, most significant and has an interesting legend attached to it. Called the “Kaman-e-Sehar-Batil” (the arch of the magic breaker) now corrupted to Kaman Sher-e-Batil and Mitti-Ka-Sher, it was the gateway leading to the fairy tale royal palaces of Dad Mahal, Kudadad Mahal, Lal Mahal, Chandan Mahal, Sajan Mahal, Nadi Mahal and Jinan Mahal on a vast triangular area extending up to the river Musi. Unfortunately none of these palaces exist today.

It was owing to its importance, that Mir Momin had erected a large stone pillar by its side and inscribed on it certain Quranic verses, to ward off evil spirits and neutralise the effect of black magic on the king and the royal family. Built in the “pillar and lintel style”, this lofty arch’s shutters were made of expensive ebony and sandalwood studded with nails of gold and rich in-lay work with precious stones. The inside of the arch was decorated with a screen made of cloth with gold work, maintaining the privacy of the palace complex.

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