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Purana Kabutar Khana

A small portion of the Purana Kabootar Khana in Hussaini-Alam. I assumed there was only at Hasmathgunj. Thanks to Baquer Siddiqi for suggesting  the place.

The text below is an excerpt from an article published in Times of India.

Birds have held a special place in the hearts of Hyderabad’s dwellers since time immemorial. The descendants of Qutub Shahi kings and Nizams were renowned patrons, whose love for the winged creatures pervades among the common folk even today.

The Purana Kabutarkhana in Hussaini Alam, which is more than 200 years old, was built by Siddi Ibrahim, a descendant of Quli Qutub Shah. It has around 135 pigeonholes, which can together hold more than 800 pigeons. “The coop was built because Siddi Ibrahim loved birds and wanted to provide them with food and shelter,” says Syed Ibrahim Ali who traces his lineage to the Qutub Shahi kings.

Ali proudly points out that the pigeons that live here do not desert the place and continue living here for generations. Adding that his family has been taking care of the coop for more than two centuries, he says: “Members of all communities come here to feed the birds. We also take care of the structure and carry out frequent repairs in case of any damage.”

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