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Out of Place??

The gate of the Raja Rai Rayan Devdi sticking out like a sore thumb – unable to blend with its new neighbours! It was interesting to note that the clock had numerals in Hindi rather than English/Arabic/Roman letters!

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2 thoughts on “Out of Place??

  1. My grandpa (a Gulbargain BENOORKAR) who was in the court of Devdi got married to the (NADGOUD) girl long back and settled in Hyderabad. Well me and my brothers both born and stayed adjacent to charminar then shifted to shah-ali-banda. Visiting posts like this leave my family especially me and my parents to refresh age old thoughts. My schooling has began from mighty ROSY School (now i believe SBI has come up) at lal darwaja. The elephant gate is very often or say routinely visited by us. Tuljabhavani, Panduranga and dattatreya gods in and around during auspicious days was a routine. Jagnekiraat by hindu community there is a memorable one. May God bless more peace and prosperity.

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