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Kalyani Nawab Maqbara

The tomb is all that remains of the Kalyani Nawab ki Devdi. The ornate arches, colourful tile work , delicate stucco surround the  filigree-worked marble grave which lies amidst many other graves would most certainly remind one of the Paigah tombs.

Kalyani Nawab hailed from Kalyani in Bidar and came to Hyderabad in the late 18th century. His residence was known as Kalyani Nawab Ki Devdi and he was buried in the same residence when he died, so the place also came to be known as Maqbara Kalyani Nawab.

Incidentally this site was also the birthplace of the Kalyani Biryani, a biryani supposedly made out of beef and equally aromatic and palatable and available at less than half the cost. The devdi served two meals a day to guests (from their estates in Kalyani) who were staying in Hyderabad. When fortunes dwindled and the expenses soared the recipe for the biryani was modified without the knowledge of the Nawab and is still well know today.

Never ceases to amaze me how there are so many tales waiting to be told in these lanes and bylanes!

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5 thoughts on “Kalyani Nawab Maqbara

  1. Amazing stuff. Lot of places in Hyderabad that I donot know. Even Punjagutta for that matter. Next time around when I am in Hyderabad, I should take a city tour with you as guide 🙂 and do some Hyderabad photography.

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