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Devdi Iqbal-ud-Dowla

A huge mansion located in Shahgunj(close to the Khurshidjah Baradari) is only a shade of its former glory. (More pictures of the monument will be put up in the coming few days)

Some very interesting snippets written about the person who built the monument – Sir Vicar-ul-Umra, a nobleman of the Nizams court, belonging to the Paigah dynasty.

Nawab Sahib was charming, gracious, hospitable, brilliant, honest, loyal and a lover of beauty and good life all packed in one. Neither debts nor official responsibilities could long divert him from his first love ,the building of the palaces including, Deodhi Iqbal-ud-Dowla,Vicar Manzil Palace, The Paigah Palace, Aiwan -e-Begumpeth, and Phool Bagh Palace and the legendry Falaknuma.
According to Lynton and Rajan in the days of the Beloved “One of the four roads radiating from Charminar runs out to a hill top which is a spring called Bibika Cheshma (Named after Prophet’s daughter). Somehow this spring acquired a reputation for making barren women fertile,and as a result an annual fair came to be held at the place. Attending the fair Nawab Sahib was struck by the beauty of the hilltop with its view over the city for miles and he determined to erect a palace there. When it was completed ,even the sophisticates of Great Hyderabad marvelled.
The capital of his jagir was Vicarabad. Chincholi, Kotgiri, Khanapur, Aland,and parts of Daulatabad Pahad-e-shariff and Aurangabad were in his domain. Sir Vicar built the Begumpet Railway station to avoid going to Nampally. Although this station was very small but became the favorite place for affluents to board. A rangoon creeper was planted at the station where one can smell the fragrance of colourful flowers.
Nawab’s generosity was as boundless as an ocean. One of his close friends The Nawab of Tarbund used to visit him every day. After an intervel of ten days when Tarbund Nawab came to visit he informed Sir Vicar that he was deep in debt to the tune of one lakh rupees. Sir Vicar ordered his secretary to despatch the amount next day. Nawab Tarbund protested about accepting the amount as he would not be able to repay the debt. Sir Vicar answered “Friend did you hear me say a word about repayment?”
Sir Vicar was not merely a noble man who lived a good life but as a Prime Minister served the cause of education.It was during his tenure that Tunagabadra and Manjira projects were initiated.
From a thought- provoking and inspiring biographical sketch by Dr.(Miss)Polly Chenoy of Hyderabad who had taken the trouble of gathering required information from several sources including from Sir Vicar’s descendant Nawab Faiz Khan.

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