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Khurshid Jah Baradari

The images that were seen in the last few posts were the interiors and details of the Khurshidjah Baradari, known more for the playground and cricket club than its history and heritage.

Although it is called a Baradari, the twelve doors aren’t present. Instead you see eight iconic  imposing pillars supporting the pediment , reminiscent of the Residency.  It is also known as Devdi of Nawab Khurshidjah Bahadur. [ A devdi is  a noble mansion where the noblemen of Hyderabad lived. They comprised of grand halls, serene courtyards, and vast spaces] The courtyard of this monument is said to have a star-shaped fountain, and to the west stands the Ishrat Mahal which was used as a court room.  The mansion was designed by Khurshid Jah’s grandfather, Shams-ul-Umara Amee-c-Kabir and on his death was completed by Khurshid Jah’s father.

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