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Deep-rooted neglect

The monument had huge pillars and was modelled on the British Residency.

It is not difficult to imagine the amount of sheer neglect the monument has been subjected to – where the roots of an outgrowth on top of the palace are as imposing as the pillars themselves. The builders of the monument as well as the noblemen may have never envisioned such a fate  for a monument which ranked high amongst the palaces in the city.

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5 thoughts on “Deep-rooted neglect

      1. i guessed it when you pasted the first pic of this Baradari but i wasnt sure.With the last two pics i became convinced.very nice monument and you captured it beautifully!

  1. yes.i have seen the monument and i liked it immensely.but sadly as you said few people know about it.And even few give any importance to it. I have seen both the places you mentioned.A match of cricket was going on even then.i live somewhat near Qutub Shahi Tombs and i have been there a few times.More than cricket it has become a place for couples these days.Quite a number of times i was prevented in my exploration because of those seeking ‘privacy’ 🙂

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