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The Residency

The imposing facade of the Durbar Hall at the British Residency in Koti – now the premises of the Koti Women’s college. Apparently it was the residence of the British Resident for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on the Nizam and the state of Hyderabad, as the state was of strategic importance to the British.

More facts about the Residency can be read at the following links:

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4 thoughts on “The Residency

  1. I doubt they would let guys in unless they were accompanied by ladies. Your best bet would be to make an acquaintance with someone who teaches there. I was told the interiors is really grand. Recently I happened to meet a lady who was one from the first batch from the college!

    I was passing by with a friend and they just let us in without any questions! We were lucky I guess.

  2. I visited what is called Koti Womens college,it is such a grand and imposing structure unfortunately,the Govt is doing nothing to restore it to its old glory.Nowadays in this modern era and technology our so called great engineers cannot build a simple bridge without it collapsing with the first rains.But we have this royal ,beautiful heritage in Hyderabad I feel every road in old city has a story .I sincerely hope something is done it will just increase our tourism.

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