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Mahboob Chowk Mosque

Mahboob Chowk is  slightly ahead of the Lad Bazaar area, and gets its name from the Nizam VI Mahboob Ali Pasha. It has a clock tower and mosque beyond it. The shops near the clock tower sell metallic decorative pieces, locks, tools, books.  The mosque was built in 1817 and has a definite old world character. The mosque is situated on the top floor, and at the lower level there are many shops that sell fruits, and food, naan and kebabs. The expenses of mosque are met by the rent paid by these vendors to the mosque committee. This is a tradition that has continued for many years.

On a days leading upto Eid-ul-Fitr,  I was in search of a place where an iftar party would occur and asked a few shop owners at Lad Bazaar. They informed me of a few places but the closest was at Mahboob Chowk mosque. I went to the mosque at the specified time and climbed the flight of stairs after asking if it was alright to do so. As I reached the topmost step I looked around to ask once again (just to be doubly sure).  A gentleman took my query and just as he was about to answer, the mosque lit up and he was awe -struck and gasped “mashaallaah”. As a monument, the mosque is neither huge nor grand in comparison to many others in the vicinity. But the festive mood and the time of the day(twilight) in addition to the illumination made it all the more charming. I took a few shots -(but I am yet to see a photograph that can give you goose-bumps). After I took a few pictures at the start of the Iftar party, I was invited to join them. Not quite sure if I should, I politely thanked them. They insisted I accept at least the dates. (Dates are often eaten to break the fast during Ramazan) I accepted, said my silent prayers and was grateful for the experience. Some experiences do not need a camera to document, and sometimes a camera is not capable of documenting entirely.

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