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Paan waalaa

Since he has his stall on the main road, I think this chap is clicked by most photo enthusiasts in the city.

All the images on this blog are protected by copyright. Please do not copy, blog or repost in ANY way. If you wish to use them please get in touch with me through email.


2 thoughts on “Paan waalaa

  1. 1. if it is a tribute why do you copyright it ?
    2. copyright marking is very distracting, if you really want to share it share it neat.

    1. 1) When I say tribute I mean it is a form of testimonial to the city, it does not mean anyone can use the images without attribution. How an author chooses to copyright his/her work is the author’ prerogative.
      2) Agreed copyright/watermarking can be distracting but is used to deter people from using this work without permission/attribution(which has happened many times in the past)

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