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Take on daily life

Always wondered if “reel life” mimics (or drew inspiration from) “real life” or vice versa!

I was only trying to frame the actor/poster(on the bus) wondering which real life subject would be good to include in the frame. And the lady hurriedly ran past in the hope of catching a bus in front of this one.

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4 thoughts on “Take on daily life

  1. hi there! i found your blog as i was looking for things to purchase while in hyderabad. it is my boyfriend’s hometown and he has asked me to make a list. i like your blog name, so clever! i hpe to visit soon too.

    i also have a blog and have wondered how individuals copyright or at least tag their photos with their names or blog names. would you be willing to tell me? thanks a bunch in advance for clarifying this process for me. and keep writing i will be checking back to learn more about his city and traditions!

    wendy at

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