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festive revelry

So much revelry that every passer-by was just drawn in. People from the neighbourhood gather to witness or partake in the Holi celebrations in front of a temple. Men on roofs on either side hold the rope to which a pot (filled with coloured water) is tied. In the middle, guys form a smallish pyramid(not more than two levels here) to try break the pot. The challenge is everyone is drenched and hence it becomes tough to balance! Besides kids on either side add to the fun by splashing water   There is coconut coir spread beneath them just so the revellers aren’t bruised when they fall. The folks in the middle tried so many times with the crowd cheering for them. The men on top are supposed to tease them making it look reachable. It took them roughly 20 tries to finally break the pot after which everyone broke into a frenzy of dance(the teen maar style 🙂 )

This kind of celebration normally happens during Janmashtami(celebrating Krishna’s birth) where the pot is filled with milk, curd etc. I was surprised to see Holi celebrated thus. It was fun to watch nevertheless.

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