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I was hoping to make a new entry with a click made in the New Year, but couldn’t find one inspiring enough. So we will have to make do with one shot during the Silicon Andhra Kuchipudi event made during the Christmas weekend of 2010. It was a visual treat to find so many little ones lined up in the Gachibowli Stadium dancing to a Thillana. All praise to the organisers to have pulled an event this big and goes without saying each and every performer deserves every bit of the applause for taking this event to the Guinness Book of World Records

Although I prefer carrying my camera on the streets, I occasionally find myself at events (with a camera) wondering whether or not to burden my hard disk with more pixels. During the event due to the security and protocol as the President of India was the Chief guest, I wasn’t able to click the little girls in action. After their feat the stage was taken over by performers from the Raja-Radha Reddy troupe who entertained the audience with some creative choreography and expression through dance.

This was a lovely lotus formation during the end of one of their numbers.

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