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The Gaurded Moment?

While passing by, I saw handprints on the wall I was curious to see what else was there in the lane. When I realised it was a narrow lane, I couldn’t but help remembering the cover image of the book Unguarded Moment by the world-famous Steve McCurry. There is nothing “unguarded” in my picture, although at a very superficial level the similarities lie in a child, a narrow lane and handprints on the wall.

This isn’t an attempt to copy the style, because I usually believe in letting a situation unfold itself. But I just had to know if I could create something remotely similar and the answer was a definite N.O. A copy is a copy is a copy! 🙂

All the images on this blog are protected by copyright. Please do not copy, blog or repost in ANY way. If you wish to use them please get in touch with me through email.


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