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Mahboob Mansion

Mahboob Mansion

One of the better looking facades of the Mahboob Mansion. I was totally appalled to see the fate of an occasional residence of a Nizam. The ruins, the garbage strewn around, the litter, the encroachments surrounding, it is impossible to see this restored, by any stretch of one’s imagination. More images to come in the next few days.

Text from wiki.

Mahboob Mansion is a palace, named after Mahbub Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VI, the VIth Nizam who lived here occasionally, though his permanent residence was the Purani Haveli. It is located in the Malakpet district of Hyderabad.

Built in the late 19th century, this is a large palace in architecture of classical European and Mughal style. It is similar to the eastern blocks of Mubarak Mansion Nazri Bagh of King Kothi Palace.

The palace is abandoned and in very poor condition, and the surrounding estates have been entirely taken over by housing and commercial developments.

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8 thoughts on “Mahboob Mansion

  1. Good find and effort. Keep that rocking. Regarding the fate of restoring monuments Sad to say but — Monuments have to be toooooo fortunate even if someone can think on those lines.

  2. Such a glorious past and we have absolutely no value and neither does our government ,wish we could learn the importance of preserving our heritage and restore them as soon as possible………………….

  3. Rosalina, in this case it is not really the govt’s fault. It was a privately owned by the Nizam and sold – nevertheless it is priceless heritage and needs to be preserved. It was quite unbelievable that a Nizam’s residence would see such a fate!

  4. Thanks Lakshmi I know its not their(govt’s) fault but never the less cant we take some precautionary measures to save such Mansions, There is so much to see in Hyderabad.Residency needs repair too.Thankful that the Mahalaqa Bai Chanda tomb was done up.

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