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An idol and a crane in place, waiting for a truck to take the idol to its buyers address. The cranes are again put in use during immersion. Sure does make me wonder when our Gods got so big and ‘gaudy’.

The festival was made to bring the masses together and unite people against the British rule during the freedom movement, and ever since it has become a well-organised public event growing bigger with each passing year.

It would seem rather ironical, that so much human effort would eventually go into water, polluting it as well. The custom of having enormous idols and so much fanfare(song/dance and band baaja) needs to be re- examined but religion and culture are so deeply ingrained in the Indian psyche that such an effort could prove an uphill harder task.

Kudos to all of you using an eco-friendly Ganesha!

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  1. we have been here since 60yrs and believe me it it first time viewing these pictures and am longing to visit the place immediately.thanks for the sharing and to the author of the blog.

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