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Hayath Bakshi Begum Mosque

Hayat Bakshi Begum, an outstanding queen of her times, was the beautiful daughter of Quli Qutb Shah. She was popularly knows as ‘Maa Saheba’ (Masab Tank was originally called Maa Saheba Tank)She was widowed when she was only twenty one and governed the kingdom till her son, Abdulla was old enough to take over.

Hayatnagar, 16 Km to the East of Hyderabad was founded by Hayat Bakshi Begum and is on the trade route from Surat to Masulipatnam. This complex was a thanks giving to the deliverance of her son, Abdulla Qutub Shah from an episode where an enraged elephant that he was seated on went rogue and carried him away. Hayat Bakshi Begum took a vow that she would construct a Mosque on the spot where the elephant came to rest.

The five arched imposing structure of the Mosque, is set on a raised platform. The large complex occupies an area of nearly 5 acres, on the perimeter of which, is the sarai or the guest houses for the travellers. This guest house is said to have 130+ rooms. Towards the eastern side of the platform and below the Mosque, is an ablution tank. The tank was fed by piped water from the “Hathi Bowli”, a well located at the northeastern corner of the enclosing Sarai.

Finally there is some good news for the Heritage lovers of Hyderabad, this monument is being renovated and the first phase (the mosque) is set to coincide with the Eid 2010 celebrations. The interiors which were falling apart have been redone. The designs have been preserved to the extent possible. An estimated 98 lakhs is being spent on the restoration, and there are talks about making this a tourist attraction soon.

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