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Purani Idgah

This very interesting white-washed structure had acquired a bluish tint because of the cloudy sky. Also, if you dont have a widest angle lens you might risk a sore back/neck! And lastly, I probably should have cloned those wires but chose not to.

[From Heritage Capital – Hyderabad]

Like most monuments, Purani Idgah is also located in Old City’s Edi Bazaar area, close to Saidabad. While the year of construction is not known, it is believed that the structure is more than 300 years old. The most attractive aspect of this monument is its two astounding pillars having resemblance to the Charminar. The monument is otherwise mainly thronged by Muslims during ID. It is a small structure, but during Namaz days, people use the huge ground that the monument overlooks. For the locals of Saidabad and surrounding areas, this is their signature monument.

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