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Shaikpet Mosque and Sarai

The scene made me wonder if something like this existed in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’. I almost expected there would be monkeys inside, hatching a plot to kidnap the ‘man-cub’, instead there were a bunch of neighborhood kids fighting over whose turn it was to bat next. This isn’t the frontal or the common view, but still looked nice even from this angle, or so I thought.

[From the book -“Heritage Capital-Hyderabad”]
This mosque and sarai at the Shaikpet village near Golconda fort was built for travellers between Bombay in the west, and Machilipatnam in the east. The Sarais are examples of Qutb Shahi stucco work. The Mosque has two impeccable Qutb shahi architectural touched minarets and three arches on the facades overlooking the Shaikpet and Toli chowki commercial areas.

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