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Yamini 2010

An overnight concert on the eve of independence day seemed like an good proposition to spend the Sat night. But the real reason for me to make it there and sit up droopy eyed was this gentleman Ustad Rashid Ali Khan. I have limited knowledge in Hindustani music and have never heard of him prior to this event. But when a friend told me about him and I confirmed the same from the link. Whatever is said, I guess I just had to see as well as hear it for myself.

At 4:00 am, Ustadji walks onto stage, waits for the accompanying artists to tune their instruments and adjust the microphones. One probably cannot expect him to sound like an artist in his prime, but that said inspite of a slight slur and lapses in memory, never once do I recall him go out of tune or miss a beat. And unlike many people his age the voice was clear and always under his control and didnt fade out.

Even after having seen his performance, I am not able to get over how such a thing was ever possible. Perhaps this takes second place in the list of most unbelievable things I have heard, but have actually happened. The first being, a blind man climbing the Mount Everest.

A salute to the spirited 102 yr old artist.

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