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Saidanima’s tomb

This is the gorgeous structure present near Tank Bund. I’m sure everyone wonders how a building of that kind popped in the middle at Ranigunj. The architecture is interesting too. On entering, I was certain it had to belong to the Paigah rulers but when I looked up, the dome seemed very Qutb Shahi but then it was very heavily decorated as well.

I intend to cover these Heritage monuments of Hyderabad, at least whatever remains of them. Some buildings like this one are a little more fortunate that there is something done for preservation/maintainence but a few others are in a state of total neglect. Perhaps there will be lesser apathy, but at least there’d be some record of the place before it is eventually brought down.

[Text from Heritage Capital Hyderabad]
Hazrath Saidanima Saheba was mother of Abdul Haq Diler Jung, who was a high ranking official during the mid-Nineteenth century. The main tomb in the darga is of Hazrath Saidanima Saheba. It is unique in itself
because it is one among those where the entire upper portion, dome etc. of the tomb is Qutb Shahi but the arcade at the ground floor is of cusped arches in Mughal style. A very conspicuous specimen of Neo Qutb Shahi style is this tomb.

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6 thoughts on “Saidanima’s tomb

  1. Extraordinary…I would very much like to meet you discuss our common interest in Hyderabad. I will be in Hyd from 23 Aug till mid September. Please send me an e-mail at and I will come to meet you. Congratulations on your extraordinary work.

  2. Dear Mr.Laxman,
    Thank you for posting, If I May take this opportunity to share Nawab Syed Sirdar Diler Ul Mulk Diler Ud Dowlah CIE, died in the year 1888, he was Home Minister during Nizam VI rule.

    Kind Regards,
    Syed Moosa
    Great Grand Son
    Nawab Syed Sirdar Diler Ul Mulk CIE

  3. Hello Miss Lakshmi Garu, I have seen your blog of late, commendable effort caught my attention as I was in search of some details on this TOMB. I am delighted to see that your blog was visited by the great grand son of Nawab Syed Sirdar Diler Ul Mulk. with that credible piece of information. I would like to use that statement in one of my works. Kindy grant me permission. Also thanks to Mr. Syed Moosa, would like contact you soon if possible.

  4. Thank you for Posting Laxmi
    Syed Aliuddin Nawab
    Great Great GrandSon of
    Syed Sirdar Dilar ul Mulk Dilar ud Dowla Bahadar

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