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Purana Pul Darwaza

It is said, many stone walls surrounded Hyderabad, but with the Mughal conquest they were brought down and new ones constructed in their place. Many of these were destroyed during the floods in 1908 and only two of these remain. One of them is the Purana pul Darwaza which is said to be constructed in the 15th century and the other is the Dabeerpura Gate.

From what remains of the Musi river it is indeed difficult to imagine it was a river once upon a time, leave alone the possibility of it flooding.

That this door survived the weather, floods and the innumerable coats of paint, makes me wonder if it is possibly the oldest door I might have ever seen. Close up shots of this door can be see here, here and here

The image is an early morning scene at the Darwaza on a cloudy morning where milkmen make a brief stopover. There is a temple to the side of this very old doorway. How those images got there is something I am trying to figure out as well.

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3 thoughts on “Purana Pul Darwaza

  1. Laxmi, Does the Purana Kabutar Khana still exists. It was just past Hussaini Alam in Barah Galli. If it does a Pict will be great.


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