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Bade Shahi Ashoor Khana

There are so many places of historic interest that we just do not know about. We pass by these places so many times and we actually discover it was there all the while. Maybe we are too caught up with other things and don’t take notice. And maybe the site did not get its deserved popularity, due to neglect, ignorance or apathy.

Hardly 100 mts away from the Naya Pul and bang opposite the Madina Building, the Bade Shahi Ashoor Khana is a house for mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, during Muharram. It was a sorry sight a few years back with many encroachers using the space for stalls and parking space illegally. Only recently with help from a High Court order the encroachments have been removed the ambience of the place has been restored to an extent.

The beauty of the place however is, in the beautiful walls which are decorated with huge arches, abundantly decorated in vibrant colours with enamelled tiles, floral patterns and verses from the Quran. In the central arch the Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shahi who ordered this monument to be built, has ordered the inscription “Ghulam-e-ali, Quli-Qutb-Shahi” proclaiming him as a slave of Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of the Prophet

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5 thoughts on “Bade Shahi Ashoor Khana

  1. janab mir nawazish ali moosvi (Mujawer) Badshahi Ashoor Khana↲Did wonderful job and remove all enchroachments from ashoor khana

  2. yes we can say that mir nawazish ali moosvi sahab (mujawer) did a lot’ for this ashoorkhana and safe guard this place for future genration

  3. janab mir nawazish ali moosvi (Mujawer) Badshahi Ashoor Khana Did wonderful job and remove all enchroachments from ashoor khana
    exsemple for others to protect our hiretage

  4. Yes Mr. Mir Nawazish Ali Moosvi (Muttawalli) of this Ashoor Khana did a great Job inspite of the tough situation and fighting with Land Grabbers, he showed us the path to safe Guard our heritage and pass on to the generation to come and here would like commend the Job of Judiciary Specially AP High Court which impose their order and make sure no political infuence could stop this

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