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Where are the monsoons?

Maybe they do not like being taken for granted! Its got a little bit cooler and I see some clouds in the later half of the day, but no real monsoon yet. Playing hide-and-seek I guess.

A street vendor is in a hurry to sell some monsoon merchandise to the vacationing kids. These umbrellas should work well in both the seasons!

Update: A few hours after I make this post the monsoons finally arrive. And its great to wake upto the rain πŸ™‚ after all those summer mornings!

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5 thoughts on “Where are the monsoons?

  1. πŸ™‚ I guess so. The monsoon is very important for many Indians. In addition to the respite from the heat, it provides the much needed water for the farmers which in turn is very important for the economy. But the last few years it has been either excess or deficit and these extremes have not really been good years, in general.

    I did send you a mail a few weeks back regarding some stories you might find interesting. I hope you received it?

    1. Yes, that seems to be a global (warming) thing – all these extremes. I guess, we here in Middle Europe are just lucky that those are not that extreme to effect economy. Or at least not too harshly.

      I did. So what I’m wondering – I also did reply, didn’t you get my answer? *checks the sent items-folder*Yes, according to yahoo I sent the email on 11th of May. Let me just re-send it. Weird.

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