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Cut Mango Pickle??

We are into the hottest month this summer. As always it seems like it was hotter than ever before. The summer months often discourage photogs to prowl on the streets looking for their favourite subjects or their perfect moments. Within the limits of sanity I shall try and put together some images of the summer this year. They might be similar to what was the previous years, but for some reason I think its a nice creative exercise to help put together images that evoke a feeling of summer. And personally, this summer is not one I might forget in a hurry.

Summers in South India are never complete without the cut mango pickle.In Andhra Pradesh, preparation of the cut mango pickle or aavakai is compulsory in every household and if you miss it, its as good as missing out one of the best flavours of the year.

What you see in the image is the first step in making the pickles – choosing the right mangoes, and getting them cut. The mature green mangoes are cut into 3-4 cm pieces, with the kernel and the kernel is eased out, leaving the shell surrounding it in tact. Generally the person selling these mangoes, cuts them for pickles on request.

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3 thoughts on “Cut Mango Pickle??

  1. Well, summer seems to play hide and seek with us here in Germany for now so I’m glad I get to live through your pictures vicariously until it arrives. 😀

    1. 🙂 I wonder if you have been to India ..Indian summers can be very hard esp during the peak months. But then they do bring some good things as well ..the MANGOES 🙂 and raw mango pickles!

      1. I haven’t but in my phd programme there are quite a few students from India so I’m more or less aware. I guess, it’s all a question of the grass is greener on the other side. Today, we have 6 degrees Celsius and rain. In May. Too hot sounds good to me right now. ;D

        And mangoes. Oh, how I love them. And mango pickles sounds awesome, too.

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