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A part of the festivities shot in the Golconda Fort.

Excerpt from wiki.
Potharaju, the brother of Mother Goddess, is represented in the procession by a well-built, bare-bodied man, wearing a small tightly draped red dhoti and bells on his ankles, and anointed with turmeric on his body and vermilion on his forehead. He dances to resounding drums.[4]

He always dances before the Palaharam Bandi, the procession. He is also considered the initiator of the festivities and is considered the protector of the community. He leads the tranced female dancers who are under spell of the Mother Goddess (shigam) to the temple, with lashing whips and emerald neem leaves (margosa) tied around their waists, accompanied by trumpets and drums.[5]


5 thoughts on “Bonalu…

  1. Lakshmi i appreciate writing an article like this. This gives an introduction of what is bonalu about. I am resident of hyderabad and currently staying in bangalore. I am missing this event. I am very happy to see an article like this and got the feel of the festival. The goddess likes red color and the web page is in red as well. Good thinking. I am sure you can provide much more information about this event. I wish you do that.

    Madhu Kumar.B

  2. Hi Madhu,

    Thank you for dropping by well as your comment.
    As i mentioned in the post I did not write the article but borrowed it from wikipedia. You can read the complete article at

    Unfortunatley I wasnt able to view the festival at the Mahankali temple in Secunderabad but I hope to make it to Laldarwaza or Balkampet in the following weeks.

    The red background was chosen by wordpress theme. It was a pleasant surprise that it chose a religious colour too. Thanks once again,

  3. thank u for giving and wriitng about the information but plz inform for a week how many days it will come i know that it will occur every sunday, thursday….. can u plz tell me other day………..

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