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An old lambadi lady sits at her doorstep in a thaanda called Rajballapuram, 22 km on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The thaanda has 500 houses. There is one school which caters to VII class education. If a child wishes to study beyond that he will have to go to a town near by. The nearest hospital is 4 km away. The basic amenities are minimal. Cooking gas and stove are non existent. People use wood …as seen in the picture in the background which is stored for daily needs.

A thaanda is said to be a community for the lambadi tribe. In olden days they would own a lot of land and are capable of a lot of hard work. Many have sold their farms at much lesser prices. They are a close knit community and are now slowly adopting urban ways of life. The lady in the picture is wearing the traditional ear rings and bangles. The next generation and after do not wear it except at festivals/events.

More images of this thaanda / community to come in due course.

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I also apologise for this terrible shade of pink as the background. It is something the theme of wordpress picks up and I have no clue how to change that.


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  1. Dear lakshmi,
    well, I really appreciate your work. I hope you will use your eye to make better story telling pics. It is really worth to show so many volumes of thandas. i wish you all the best for your work. All the best and happy shooting. take care of yourself.

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