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A ticket to nowhere


I normally avoid taking shots of beggars or sleeping peoeple. That said, I have to admit this picture was begging to be clicked.

Strange times we live in. When the image was shot, it was a boom time for the Indian economy. The outsourcing had not only ensured jobs for many people but created new ones, earning power and thereby spending power were at an all time high. Now the whole world is reeling in shock and after-math of the recession.

Through all this there is still a strata in society, which doesn’t really care about outsourcing or recession. Life goes on for them. A life without a roof over the head, without clean water/healthy food, without healthcare…and education! And the only thing I can only imagine their lives being full of is…apathy.

I don’t think such scenes are common only in India or the developing countries. They are present the world over.


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